2 thoughts on “Police Search High Schools”

  1. If you discovered that your kids had brought drugs and/or guns into your home, would you hire guards? Would you bring in the drug-sniffing dogs? I don’t think so. Here’s what you’d do: You have a good, long look at what you were doing wrong as a family, and set about to fix it.

    Let’s do this with our high schools. Want to know what’s wrong with them? So glad you asked: They are too damned big. These gargantuan schools bring out the worst in everyone: students, teachers, administrators.

    It’s time for a revolution in high-school education. Build small, neighborhood schools. A high school should be no larger than an elementary school.

    Why do we think that adolescents need LESS attention from teachers when they reach adolescence?

    No wonder they end up feeling abandoned – their divorced parents want them to hurry up and grow up so they can devote more time to the new spouse, and their educators want to warehouse them in mammoth schools, giving them minimal contact with, and influence from, caring adults.

    I’m sick of hearing politicians yammering about “smaller class size.” It never happens, and anyway, that’s not going to happen until you build smaller schools.

    Revolution, anyone?

  2. I disagree strongly with your comparison regarding dealing with drugs/weapons at home and school. A drug dog search (I’m not sure about a weapon dog, perhaps it was a bomb dog), is relatively unintrusive. The dog walks by all the lockers (not by the individual students), and there is a physical search of locker the dog deems suspicious.

    Is there any real harm in that? What should a school locker be used for? To hold your books, sporting equipment, and coats. If they find a student carrying drugs in a school (AND leaving them in their locker), this deserves to be punished. Schools should be absent of drugs or weapons, especially when the price of doing so is so nonintrusive.

    I understand your rant regarding the size of schools. I just don’t think the size has a causal relationship with the effect. Many schools have been getting larger, but there have been large high schools since the 50’s. The problems that are emerging now are not a function of some activity in the school, rather it’s a social change.

    To resolve that end, schools should resume their original function: pure education. They should do this in an environment free from drugs and weapons. They should teach students who want to learn, and not be afraid (or punished) for failing students who are not. It shouldn’t be easy for an average person to get through high school by just going through the motions, but at 99% of the public education facilities, it is. Expect more from students, not less.

    The system isn’t broke, it’s just gone down the wrong path.

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