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Occupiers Convicted of Trespassing

The seventeen Occupy Charlottesville members who refused to leave Lee Park hav been convicted of trespassing, Samantha Koon writes for the Daily Progress. The park closes after 11 PM, and though allowed to remain for weeks, their permit was finally non-renewed. Some protesters refused to leave, and were arrested. They were fined $100 apiece, which can be paid outright or covered via community service. The group member who stripped off her clothes and read a statement of protest during the arrests had the charges of indecent exposure against her dropped, with Judge Robert Downer finding that it was a non-sexual political statement and therefore protected expression.

Police Too Friendly for a Lee Park Showdown

A few of the Occupy Charlottesville folks want to stage a show-down with police to get attention. The problem: The police are so nice that they don’t see how it’ll work.  #



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