4 thoughts on “Musictoday Sold, Plans to Expand”

  1. Any time a big company buys a Charlottesville company, that seems like (potentially) trouble. There are many instances, just in the past 15 years, of that resulting in mass layoffs.

  2. A perfectly legit comment about the sizes of the companies was deleted. Maybe by the commenter’s request?

    Anyway I wanted to point out the same thing I pointed out eight years ago. http://cvillenews.com/2006/08/01/musictoday-sold/ When MusicToday/Redlight bought Grateful Dead Productions, a lot of employees with decades working at a dream company in the SF Bay Area were displaced. Now it’s back to SF! But like the deleted comment said, the new boss claims to want to expand in Crozet.

    Back then Deadheads had to hang their heads in shame when they said they were from Charlottesville.

  3. Ah, Waldo has passed the torch. As possibly the only user of the service http://cvillenews.com/headlines/ I’d like to point out it’s been down for a few months.

    Citizen, I’m pretty sure I did see a comment #2 saying blah blah the company says it will expand, it’s a virtuous small business, etc. etc. The comments I’m seeing now are: #1 Waldo, #2 colfer, #3 Citizen. Thanks…

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