6 thoughts on “C-Ville Editor on Race”

  1. “Preserve the blacks?” I see a bumper sticker stuck between “Save the Whales” and “Obama Biden.”

    But it seems all so patriarchal and condescending. And really, at one point in time should the White Folk start saving the Black Folk? Perhaps 3PM on July 28th 1995 would be a good time. And what exactly should the cap on black be, 13.1% like the rest of the USA or 19% like Virginia.

    And what do we do with the black person that actually does well? Treat them, numerically, as a white person so they dont take away from the black people?

    I fear city council hiring Greenpeace as consultants. And is it me or does the writer look like a light skinned Ray Charles or a young Roy Orbison?

  2. I hardly ever swear in writing, but what the effing bloody hell? Am I taking crazy pills? There’s not a word in Morris’s editorial about the role played by Courtney Stuart’s choice to pass along without substantiation Adams/Doucette’s speculative, musing about “the knock out game” AND the (presumably) editor’s choice to put the phrase “knock out” in the headline of the article in catching the attention of virulent racists nationwide. He says the story “went viral,” it was “picked up on The Drudge Report.” Well, guess why–because the story included phrases that the obsessive racists search for as they roam the internet looking for more fodder for their race-war hysteria. It was inflammatory; it was unsubstantiated; it was unnecessary if you all you wanted to do was say “here’s a troubling incident that happened and a troubling lack of police response.” You didn’t *need* the speculation coming out of the mouths of the alleged victims. That whole sh1tstorm of racist commentary that Morris deplores was largely of his paper’s own making.

  3. Yeah, pretty much a fial on all levels from our media. So many smart people making so many dumb statements.

  4. Yeah, pretty much a fial on all levels from our media. So many smart people making so many dumb statements.

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