2 thoughts on “Downtown Assault Suspects Turn Themselves In”

  1. Well, it appears clear that a one sided story without any fact checking has lead to a media frenzy that made the city and a good man (Longo) look bad. So, to be concise: A group of males, all puffed on booze and needing to impress their significant others acted like asshats. Police called and the response of the “vic” was so muted and noninvolved the police figured… well not much here… until an overreaching female (wonder how much she pushed this all to escalate on the night given what she did later…) decided to turn it all into a racial firestorm.

    1. That said, nothing can ever support physical violence as retribution for some name calling. Fail

    2. Joseph Pulitzer’s three rules of journalism hold true today. Fail.

  2. And City Manager Maurice Jones was on WINA this morning spinning the story. The host was so relieved that there’s nothing here so move along people. When these events happen, the public responds to similar events that happened to them. These type of assaults have been talked about in Public Comment at City Council for over a year and for decades in the community. Everybody has a story to tell. The amazing thing is the media wants to present every story in isolation like it’s the first time it ever happened. Why would this case be a breakthrough when the 2002 assaults on the corner targeting those who looked white or Asian have been all but forgotten? Is it the pictures? Or is it a historical context? Or plain old racism? I just gave more dialog on race than the official Dialog on Race, which had maintained the anti-white narrative until people started speaking at at City Council during the Human Rights Commission debate.

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