Notorious Rapist Changes His Name

Super-creepy convicted rapist Jeffrey Theodore Kitze has changed his name to Jeffrey Ted Miller, Courteney Stuart writes in C-Ville Weekly, after a judge made the terrible decision to permit him to do so. You might know Kitze/Miller for the 1989 rape and beating of his sister’s UVA roommate, or you might know him for his more recent creepy stalking of volunteers for the Virginia Organizing Project and Food Not Bombs, which has him in prison again, eligible for release in five years. The part that’s especially troubling is that there’s no legal obligation that any of Kitze/Miller’s victims be notified of his name change. In this case, the guy’s probation officer spotted the name change and notified Albemarle Commonwealth’s Attorney Denise Lunsford, who has notified his victims.

So, let it be known that Jeffrey Kitze and Jeffrey Miller are the same guy. To help out Google, here’s that data as HTML, formatted to allow search engines to understand that one equals the other:

Jeffrey Kitze
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Theodore Kitze
Jeffrey Ted Miller

You’re welcome, future googlers.

3 thoughts on “Notorious Rapist Changes His Name”

  1. Guessing this is a legal loophole that will quickly be addressed by a bunch of pols. I find myself on the rare occasion by the side of a pol making new laws.

  2. I feel bad for all the Jeff Millers’ that are good guys with good honorable intentions. This guy is spoiling it for the whole bunch. That being said, the victims should be informed as part of the legal process.

  3. Yikes, I hadn’t thought about that, HES. I’m related to three Jeff Millers, all of whom are great guys.

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