CHO Planning a $4–6M Expansion

The Charlottesville Albemarle Airport is planning a major expansion, Nate Delesline III reports for The Daily Progress. They’re spending $600k to design a new security area, bigger bathrooms, move the gift shop, replace the escalator, expand the seating areas, and a few other changes. No money has been allocated by state or federal officials for the construction, which CHO figures will run between $4 million and $6 million. Construction is due to start in the summer.

13 thoughts on “CHO Planning a $4–6M Expansion”

  1. I can’t figure out the expansion of the seating areas and the bathrooms. I’ve never waited more than a few seconds for a urinal, and never been unable to find a seat. (I fly out of there probably once or twice a month.)

  2. I’m with you, Waldo. I’ve always found the seating areas quite pleasant, and the bathrooms are as nice as any airport bathrooms I’ve been through. Well, the bathrooms in Heathrow Terminal 5 seem to have extra nice smelling hand soap, but that’s a pretty thin margin of victory. {grin}

  3. I suppose that they could make room for more TSA inspectors. Sometimes there’s a long wait to have your fourth-amendment rights urinated on.

    But I agree: I’ve never seen a shortage of seats. And I love the little cubicles, with power, and office chairs.

    Maybe once the runways are longer, they’ll start flying larger planes, which will mean that they will indeed run out of places to sit. If this is the case, then I applaud their foresight.

  4. I’ve said it a million times, they have a dedicated funding source, so they’re always looking for projects (passenger ticket tax). The city & county should be asking for a monorail to U.Va., down 29N. Yes, it’s just like a Simpsons episode.

  5. Colfer, a monorail would never be approved because it would disrupt the views. They should ask for an underground subway…

  6. Ask for a monorail, get a busway. Pay off the taxi mafia and get them jobs flying little airplanes out to Wintergreen.

  7. CHO is also getting ready to approve plans for another parking lot, closer to the GA terminal, about 150 spots, and for a shuttle bus. Beyond that, preliminary plans have been made for a multilevel parking garage, with the car rental companies paying rent for the first floor. Additionally, the runway is going to be repaved, including the new 800 ft addition that cost $42 million.

  8. A. Soroka- Oddly enough, one of my memories of Heathrow was that the lever on the commode had stamped, along with the manufacturers name, Charlottesville, VA USA. I remember thinking that I didn’t know that there was such manufacturer in Cville (Coyne and Delany).

  9. I really wish I had noticed that! It would have given my a much-needed smile after the red-eye.

    By their website they’ve switched their name to just “Delany Products” now. The last time I went passed it, they still had a location out Avon St., but I don’t know whether they do any actual manufacturing there any more.

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