Warrant for Dumler’s Arrest in Orange

There’s a warrant out for Chris Dumler’s arrest in Orange County, Chris Stover reports for CBS-19. He’s charged with a failure to appear in court but, unusually, he failed to show up as the attorney. In June—on the day that he resigned from the Board of Supervisors—he asked a judge to let him withdraw from a case that he’d thought was done. But the case wasn’t done, and when Dumler failed to show up at the next hearing, the judge ordered him to come to court to explain himself. He never showed, and the court has been unable to find him. In the Progress, Liana Bayne quotes Supervisor Dennis Rooker as saying that he thought Dumler planned to move away (a sensible decision), and all the supervisors say that they haven’t heard from him since prior to his resignation. Bayne went to Dumler’s home and found it maintained and apparently occupied, but Stover reports that Dumler’s phone number has been disconnected.

The 28-year-old Democrat was elected to represent the Scottsville district on the Board of Supervisors in 2011, but then he was arrested on charges of forcible sodomy, pleaded guilty to sexual battery, and eventually resigned his seat in June.

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