Woodbrook Divided Over Bench and Bridge

Via Charlottesville Tomorrow, I see that the Woodbrook Neighborhood Blog has a long piece about how the neighborhood is divided over an Eagle Scout’s project to build a bench and a bridge over a county-owned lagoon as a part of a trail on public land. Blogger Dan Gould conducted a bunch of interviews, talked to county employees, took a bunch of photos, and even took an informal survey of landowners who live nearby. A lively discussion has ensued in the comments section. It’s a great piece of work about a parochial matter, the sort of thing that would surely have no place in a regional publication, but that anybody who lives in the Woodbrook area surely finds very interesting.

13 thoughts on “Woodbrook Divided Over Bench and Bridge”

  1. WHINERS! It’s a little wooden bench and a small, apparently well-built wooden footbridge. It’s not an oil refinery, a mental hospital, a cell tower, or a sewage plant. It has zero negative impact. Get over it, would you!

  2. Gosh. I hope my neighborhood never has a blog. Perhaps it is possible to be too hyper local.

  3. Thanks Waldo.

    While the project doesn’t affect me (I live on the other side of the neighborhood), I can’t help feeling empathy for those that live close to it. A few of these residents are in their senior years, and, having lived there for decades have suffered through many a restless night of partying back there. In fact, it was the discovery of spent condoms near the bench that prompted our investigation and subsequent story.

    While there are some in our neighborhood who would agree with Gail, isn’t it better to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, even if it’s unpleasant?

  4. The bench at least looks to be so poorly constructed that it shouldn’t be a problem for long.

  5. Well, at first I was all like “Dude, you investigated a bench?”

    But then, something was nagging at me. Naturally, I immediately began reviewing the Zapruder film, and sure enough

    We’re through the looking glass here people!

  6. Dan, Seriously? Suppose you had somehow missed this story, wouldn’t you have done just fine? In my reading of this blog, I spot criticism of a neighbor’s parenting, an accusation of bullying, and a hint of a suggestion that some neighbors should “get a life”- hard to see how any of that makes any neighborhood better to live in. I’m still glad my neighborhood has no blog and hope it may ever be so :) .

  7. “B-Yo, your days are numbered now that they know you’re on to them.”

    I was worried, but you will be relieved to know that Alex Jones has hired a crack team of chubby ex walmart greeters to patrol the perimeter of Rancho Notso Grande. The Infowarrior knows my knowledge is dangerous, and I can tell this unit means business. I mean, everything they own is prefaced by the word “tactical”. I did not know they made ‘tactical fanny packs’ large enough to fit a weaponized Chik-Fil_A sandwich, but there you go.

    I suppose the only silver lining to the Bench-ghazi-gate Scandal enmeshing the upstanding citizens of Woodbrook in frothy indignation is that, since it was built by the Eagle Scouts, it probably only accommodates heterosexual anonymous sex. I have seen snippets of the gay agenda, and while ‘colonizing Woodbrook’s outdoor seating arrangements” may not be the top bullet point, I can assure you, one can never be too vigilant. That bench is one rainbow sticker away from being Caligula’s foyer.

    Not to diminish the import of bench gate, nor to deny the observable fact that Woodbrook’s public space just may be the first domino to fall, but I was wondering… Are there not other, more pressing, issues that we might be discussing here? I mean, I have it on fairly good authority that Bob Mcdonnell’s prehensile hair may turn states evidence regarding the governor’s relationship with a pyramid scheme that sells tobacco based hair conditioners. Should this happen, both the Governor and the Atilla General might be somewhat slightly inconvenienced, which is the aristocratic form of going to jail.

    I have waited patiently, like a good Waldonian, to see the details of this only slightly more important issue come to light and be digitally masticated by the fine citizens of this board. But despite my best F5ing, my patience is fruitless. Perhaps Waldo, in all of his dalliances in DC, has taken the path of Bob Woodward, and begun to tilt at rather fluffier and more schizophrenic windmills. Who knows. I remain hopeful this is not the case.

    Now if you will excuse me, the 43rd Tactical Hoverround Brigade has a tactical update from the front line regarding tactics.

  8. Too many times people are distracted from looking at the right direction by small but emotional issues that are put forward on purpose for the benefit of a selfish interest!

  9. These people against the project all sound like Cartman’s mom on South Park.

    ‘What what WHAT?’

  10. I have waited patiently, like a good Waldonian, to see the details of this only slightly more important issue come to light and be digitally masticated by the fine citizens of this board.

    I actually don’t write about state issues here. I did at first, ~12 years ago, but decided after a few months that it’d be best to narrow things to local matters. Sorry. :)

  11. Dang. The scout used pressure treated lumber and when I was bangin’ my skeevy girlfriend on that nifty new bench I got a splinter in my butt. Now I got an infection. I’m suin’ the kid, the WCA, and everyone who was careless enough to post comments usin’ his or her real name. And Wendell Wood, too.

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