6 thoughts on “County Eyes New Library Location”

  1. Albemarle County has FINALLY decided that having one of the most literate populations in the USA means we need decent Library facilities. Area’s per-capita spending on Library services still below even eh Virginia state average but this is a wise move.

  2. »The Free Enterprise Forum is concerned a double standard may be in play as this is a “public” project as opposed to a private development.«


    Pay no attention, to how this library will expand and extend deversity behind the local Architectural Review Board curtain. Whichever location shall be the one for this library is a given and it is NOT like this branch is set to be done away with. Perish the thought.

  3. Too bad they won’t put it near airport road. Lots of apartments and homes there, you know “neighborhood model” and all that.

    Instead it’ll be in a commercial strip.

  4. There were plans some years back to have another JMRL branch up 29, as a proffer from the developer of the NorthPointe development. That didn’t happen. The existing Northside branch is jointly-funded by the City and the County because about 20% of the patrons live in the City.

  5. How much of the Daily Progress bldg. is empty? That “commercial strip” could become something better. There are neighborhoods in walking distance, as well as a school. The problem is Rio Road itself, and Berkmar north of Rio. They are corridors, so you either annoy drivers with serious traffic calming, or build actual ped-friendly paths away from the road. Those sidewalks right on the curb are terrible. Also, asphalt paths are nicer to walk on than concrete, but engineers don’t seem to understand that.

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