Vandever Wins Treasurer Special Election

Interim Charlottesville Treasurer Jason Vandever has won today’s special election to make his position official. The Democrat defeated independent candidate John Pfaltz handily, winning three-quarters of the vote. As NBC-29 points out, the low-turnout special election cost $19 per vote cast. Originally, Vandever was to remain interim treasurer until November, but city Republicans petitioned the court to hold a special election, promising the judge that they would nominate a candidate (which they then failed to do), leaving one of those petitioners—Pfaltz—to run.

3 thoughts on “Vandever Wins Treasurer Special Election”

  1. Now Sean,….. let’s not forget the complicity but repudiate the contribution the Occucrats have in this too. Way to be power mongers liberals.

    But wait though Sean, my pre-apologies to liberals this general moniker is undeserving. Come on Sean, be a big boy though it cost us both about a Dead Jackson per vote. Wait again though, no you don’t have to really. Like what other city priorities would that funding have gone towards, besides potentially extra bicycle community infrastructure, Nelson-Nygard Consultations and 2025’s Vision (aligned with connectivity) for the Belmont Underpass. And because you’re such a swell guy, I’ll threw in the interchange construction at McIntire Road and the 250 Bypass too. What about our city employees retirement fund? Go ahead Sean, keep plucking your one string of berating to where ever it leads you.

  2. I went to middle school with Vandever (and his twin brother). In addition to the fact that he seems like an obviously qualified Treasurer, I also remember him being a really nice guy, which is not a thing that I can say about a lot of the people I went to middle school with.

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