4 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself Auto Shop Opening”

  1. Tracy Carver and friends have most of the car repair equipment that shade tree mechanics lack. Gas and electric welders, for example, and engine hoists from small to large.

    For the apartment dweller with no space to work on a car, the shop has several sets of auto repair tools including a 3/4″ socket set.

    They had a set of three lifts lined up but there’s been a delay on those. Lifts are coming.

  2. The Tappet Brothers on NPR’s Car Talk started such a garage in the 70s. They quickly found out it was easier fixing the cars themselves than answering all the questions.

    I might use it anyway when they get the lifts.

  3. Oh if I could only, go back in a time machine with that magnificent concept and alter the rampant consequences, which materialized from Henry Ford’s Assembly Line. Ultimately, simple not only becomes better but compliments what’s plain.

    Now I’m expecting someone here to say that was tried even back then but didn’t catch on. ;)

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