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Hurricane Sandy Mostly Spares Area

Although Hurricane Sandy continues to wreak havoc on the northeast, as it spins out over land, the enormous storm is finished with Charlottesville, apparently having left us mostly unharmed. Twitter and Facebook were how many people kept up with developments, and the worst stories in our area seem to be the loss of power (about 10% of Dominion customers in Albemarle) and some light damage from wind and flooding. Although the rain, wind, and snow aren’t quite done, the airport got 1.2 inches of rain yesterday and gusts of 40 mph—a far sight better than folks in Delaware, New York, and New Jersey, who woke up this morning to devastation.

Cynthia Neff Arrested for DUI

Former Board of Supervisors candidate, House of Delegates candidate, and vice-chair of the Albemarle County Democratic Party Cynthia Neff has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, CBS-19 reports. Neff was arrested overnight Saturday/Sunday on Proffit Road, near her home, after failing a field sobriety test. She has since been released from jail. In a remarkable coincidence, it was just ten days ago that Neff posted a $50,000 bond to get fellow-Democrat Chris Dumler out of jail after he was arrested on charges of forcible sodomy. In her mugshot, Neff is sporting what looks for all the world like a Mike Tyson-style facial tattoo, but that one must assume is face paint from an event that evening.

Supervisor Dumler Arrested

County Supervisor Chris Dumler was arrested yesterday and charged with forcible sodomy, Rob Graham reports for WINA. Police have said only that it’s a result of an alleged incident on October 4 and that the complaining witness is somebody who Dumler knows—no other information has been provided. He was held overnight at the jail, and has a bond hearing this morning. Dumler, a Democrat, was elected to the Scottsville district last November.

UVA Practice Facility’s Roof Burns

The University of Virginia’s enormous, under-construction sports practice facility on Emmett Street caught fire yesterday, every area media outlet reports, sending up an enormous column of black smoke that was visible all over town. A layer of rubber atop the roof appears to have been lit by a contractor’s errant blowtorch, starting a fire that spread over a good chunk of the roof and created a challenging situation for responding fire crews to deal with. The $13M structure was slated for completion in August of next year, though presumably that will be pushed back now.

Major Development Proposed for West Main

Developers are proposing a massive new pair of buildings for West Main Street, Sean Tubbs reports for Charlottesville Tomorrow, that would put a mixed-use development on a vacant block. (Imagine you’re going from downtown to the university. You pass the train station and go over the bridge. On the university side of the bridge, on the left, is a parking lot used by Wahooptie, what used to be an auto shop, and an empty lot where a building was torn down 15–20 years ago. That whole block.) Coran Capshaw bought that block some years ago, and now he’s working with a few other developers to turn it into a 5-story and 8-story pair of connected buildings, containing 219 apartments, a restaurant, couple of retail spaces, and a parking garage. It’s being called “The Plaza at West Main.” The density of the housing and the height of the building with both require special use permits, and the Board of Architectural Review will have to approve it, since it’s in a historic district. The next step is for the Planning Commission to review it, which they’re doing next week.



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