Four Dead in Stony Point Shooting

Four people were killed in a shooting in the sleepy hamlet of Stony Point last night, NBC-29 reports, under conditions that remain wholly unclear. A 911 call was received at 11:43 PM from a small rental house across the street from Stony Point Elementary School from a gunshot victim. That person died in the hospital a short time later. Police say that this is an isolated incident, and that there’s no threat to the community or the school, but aren’t identifying a suspect. Given the lack of manhunt or a story of an arrest, one must assume the suspect is among the dead.

5:00 PM Update: C-Ville Weekly editor Giles Morris reports that the dead include Elizabeth Walton and her three children, and that Walton was an employee of C-Ville Weekly. An e-mail from Albemarle High School identifies two of the victims as eighth-grader Andrew Romando and eleventh-grader Lily Romando, while Morris names the third as Noah Romando. According to Noah Romando’s Facebook profile, he’s an employee of Harris Teeter, a student at Piedmont Virginia Community College, and a 2011 graduate of AHS. Elizabeth Walton had just gotten married in June, and started working for C-Ville Weekly in April. There is not yet word on who was the shooter and who were the victims.

08/30 Update: Police believe that 19-year-old Noah Romando is responsible for the death of his family, Courteney Stuart reports for The Hook. Stuart documents a trail of online evidence that leads to him describing himself as a Satanist, which surely wouldn’t explain his actions, but it would start to paint a picture of what lead up to the death of this family.

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