VDOT Spraying Roundup?

A VDOT contractor is apparently spraying Roundup along Albemarle roadsides, a much nastier chemical than Krenite, the brush-control agent they were hired to use.  #

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  • Trvlnmn says:

    I saw them doing the same thing this week on 20 south between Red Hill Road and Carters Bridge. Spraying high up and not close to the ground, on the side of the road that borders the river (can’t remember the name off the top of my head), but i know it collects lots of runoff.

  • Mark says:

    The story says the operator said they were using Roundup. Until we hear more, I thing it’s just as likely they used ‘Roundup’ as a generic term for herbicide.

    Probably thinking that calling it something that is used by lots of people around their homes would be comforting.

    At least I hope so. Roundup, the brand product, getting sprayed in ways that lead to it drifting out of the desired location is definitely contrary to the use instructions.

  • Frankly Pseudo says:

    “Liza Fleeson is the VDACS program manager in the pesticide services office. Fleeson she was unable to provide specific information on the matter, but did confirm that VDOT does apply pesticides in their right-of-way.” …..

    …”Mallek said it was ‘ridiculous’ that the operators could think an herbicide was being used to combat mosquitoes.” …..

    …”Anytime chemicals are used, people need to be notified through local government or through signs,” Mallek said.

    Sure were a lot of “Mallek saids” (brevity prevents all from each being quoted here) for one C’ville Tomorrow article. Aside from the reported observations constituents shared with her, I’m left wondering whether much (if any) forenotice was given county staff and/or the board about this spraying operation and the use of Krenite. If something was known beforehand, what was Mallek and whoever else privy phrior not owning up about and getting word (in first place) out on?!!

    Also for an article dated August 17th, “the iconic Tree on Sugar Hollow Road” photo (by Simeon Flitch) was quite an imbibed touched. Krenite either exceptionally works well or it was (likely) a Winter Season photo.

  • hes says:

    I’m surprised VDOT is doing anything at all to care for the roadside. They have pretty much stopped mowing except for about late May and late July. I have never known them to spray vegetation, its always been mowing. They must have run a cost analysis and found spraying to be significantly cheaper.

  • HollowBoy says:

    I don’t see why they need to spray at all, more toxins going into our environment.
    The only thing they should do is trim vegetation like overhanging limbs that hamper visibility and create a traffic hazard. Wildflowers and grass along the roadside do not.All mowing does is expose the trash people have thrown out wich is more of an eyesore than high grass.
    In these tight economic times, its a waste of tax dollars to be chopping down chicory and Queen Annes Lace to accomodate neatness freaks who have a short grass fetish.

  • Actually, in rural areas the tall grass is a real problem. Every day I turn onto 20N, and the tall grass blocks the view of oncoming traffic on the right. I have to nose out into the road, dangerously, to see if cars are coming. There are many intersections like this throughout the county, and it’s essential for safety that the grass be kept short-ish there.

  • HollowBoy says:

    Oh yes, cut anything at an intersection that blocks the view, be it grass or bushes, no problem with that. But still no justification for spraying chemicals. Those patches of brown, scorched earth are hideous- aside from the fact of more poisons going into the earth.

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