Council May Beef Up Noise Violation Fines

City Council is considering quadrupling fines for noise violations, Graham Moomaw writes for the Daily Progress, in an effort to deal with noisy parties around UVA. Currently the top fine is $250, which apparently is treated as the cost of throwing a big party by some students. The proposal is to move the offense from a Class 4 misdemeanor to a Class 2 misdemeanor, which would allow a fine of up to $1,000 and, theoretically, six months in jail. (Six months in jail is inherent with a Class 2 misdemeanor—increasing the fine means raising the possibility of jail time.) For somebody convicted twice in a one-year period, that’s a Class 1 misdemeanor, which is a fine of up to $2,500 or a year in jail. A city representative says that they don’t intend to pursue jail time except for people who demonstrate no interest in complying with the law. Council will take up the issue on Monday night.

5 thoughts on “Council May Beef Up Noise Violation Fines”

  1. I fear Dan is correct. Several neighborhoods in the city, & not just the University Circle area, have been unofficially designated by city & student affairs officials as not worth bothering about the quality of non-student-residents’ lives – in terms of zoning, in terms of enforcement, in terms of maintenance.

    Hence also the designation of increased density in those neighborhoods, abandoned to the whims of temporary residents who live (& misbehave) there for at most 2-3 years.

    A former neighbor of mine, long-term resident, in one of those neighborhoods, was smugly told by student revelers in the adjacent home – thet “old c— like her & her little dog don’t belong here anymore”.

    “Here”, presumably, being her street, her neighborhood, who knows, maybe even the city as a whole.

    Who’s running this place anyhow?

  2. That has been going on for a long time.In the past, there were more non-students residents in those areas,and there was more balance. But now so many of these neighborhoods are almost exclusively rental housing ,with landlords who only care about getting their rent checks on time, not what else their tenants do, or about property upkeep.
    Yes, the city does need to do more in terms of enforcement of things like noise ordinances.But they are too busy cozying up to the bums on the Downtown Mall and passing feel good resolutions to care about what long term citizens and home owners have to deal with. Just keep sending us those tax dollars,sheeple!
    Have many fond memories of Charlottesville, but happy I no longer live there.

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