BOV Coup Against Dragas is Under Way

Several members of the UVA Board of Visitors are plotting a coup, the Washington Post reports. Sullivan is said to have indicated that she’d resume her presidency if the Rector Helen Dragas were sacked, and with the resignation of Vice Rector Mark Kington, there appear to be enough votes to restore Sullivan. (During the late-night BOV session on the 18th and 19th, at one point there was an even split to restore Sullivan, which somehow turned into a 12–1 vote in support of making Carl Zeithaml the interim president. That seems to explain why the meeting went on for so many hours.)

Procedurally, there’s a deadline of 5 PM today for a call for a BOV meeting to be held on June 27. Only three BOV members need to agree to hold such a meeting in order to make it happen, though presumably they wouldn’t bother to do so unless they either had those eight votes, or believed that they could get them in the next six days.

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