Internal BOV E-Mails Released

The Cavalier Daily has FOIAd the UVA Board of Visitors’ internal communications—specifically, those sent and received by Rector Helen Dragas and now-former Vice Rector Mark Kington—and it’s good, good stuff. I think everybody could use some help translating them, especially from folks with deep knowledge of UVA, so if you spot anything interesting in them, please post a comment explaining! The short version is that this is all about online education, with Dragas and Kington convinced that if UVA doesn’t change its model immediately to teaching people via the internet, it’ll be a buggy-whip factory in no time.

Over at the Washington Post, Daniel de Vise and Anita Kumar have already provided their own timeline-based interpretation, and at the Progress Bryan McKenzie has summarized what he sees as the interesting bits. Also, the Cavalier Daily—having gotten these e-mails as printouts, which strikes me as a bit malicious—tweeted out the best ones last night as they scanned in the pages.

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