5 thoughts on “Charlottesville’s Charter”

  1. The weirdest thing I’ve spotted so far is this, on page 8:

    [T]he provisions of Chapter one hundred and seventy-six of the Code of Virginia, as now existing or hereafter amended, for condemnation of land thereunder so far as applicable shall apply to condemnation proceedings by the city hereunder.

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no chapter 176 of the Code of Virginia. That’s not even the numbering scheme that’s used. The authority to condemn property is set out in § 15.2-1901, which is in chapter 19 of title 15.2.

  2. There is some good stuff under:
    § 14. Same–Powers enumerated.

    I particularly like the fourth, thirteenth and fourteenth. Seems to me they could take the panhandling ordinance up a notch.

  3. Thanks with this and the UVa game today I don’t think much work will be done ;)

    § 18. Conservators of the peace.
    Each councilman, and the civil and police justice of said city, for the time being, are declared to be, and are hereby, constituted conservators of the peace within said city,
    and within one mile from the corporate limits thereof, and shall have all the powers and authority, in civil, as well as in criminal cases, as justices of the peace.

    § 31. Prohibition of immoral shows, etc.
    The mayor or the council may prohibit any theatrical or other performance, show or exhibition within said city or a mile of its corporate limits, which may be deemed injurious to morals or good order.

    § 40. Animals running at large.
    Council may sell said animals at public auction to enforce the payment of said fines and taxes; and may order such dogs, as to which there is default, to be killed by a policeman or constable.

    Can this one still be right???
    § 50. Same person may hold county and city office.
    And it is further provided that the same person shall be eligible to and, if elected, may hold a county office and a city office, if the said offices be of the same nature, at the same time; provided, such officer lives within the city limits; and any person otherwise qualified, who is a resident of the City of Charlottesville shall be eligible to election or appointment to any county office of Albemarle County

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