New Website: Virginia Decoded

I launched a new website this morning that’s worth mentioning here: Virginia Decoded. It’s like Richmond Sunlight, but instead of making it easier to understand legislation, it makes it easier to understand all of the laws of Virginia. To see how this is an improvement, compare ยง 2.2-3705.1 on the official state website to the same section on Virginia Decoded. Note that glossary terms are underlined, with pop-up definitions, the listing of legislation and cross-references in the sidebar, and the general lack of horribleness. The site also incorporates relevant court decisions and a handful of other niceties. I hope you find it as useful as I have!

12 thoughts on “New Website: Virginia Decoded”

  1. nice work, as usual, Waldo. you have a knack for this. thanks for applying it to important topics.

  2. Wow, thanks. Back when I was homeschooling, it was a headache to decipher Virginia’s education laws. You’ve created a very useful resource.

  3. Waldo you keep this up we are going to have to elect you to help clean up other parts of government as well.

    JMRL – I had no idea that my coasting down Afton Mountain was illegal-I feel like such a scofflaw now!

  4. I have been lurking on your blog for years, and have always enjoyed the content. This is a great idea too, but I find the formatting and visual design of the Decoded site problematic to the point that I can’t read it. Vast blocks of text running right to the edge of the screen with little or no differentiation between paragraphs.

  5. Great job, Waldo! I especially like how common terms (like “street”) can be instantly expanded to show their complete meaning. The search facility works really well and in only a few minutes I learned a lot of interesting stuff about Virginia’s laws.

    I’ve bookmarked the site as my first “go to” when I need to know anything about Virginia Code.

  6. Waldo, this looks great. Has anything like this been done for the budget? I’d really like to see something like this for local/state/federal budgets. There’d probably have to be a wiki component because of the sheer volume of data.

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