County Fair at Ash Lawn this Year

Feeding the Cow

The Albemarle County Fair will return this year, Hawes Spencer writes in The Hook. It will be held at Ash Lawn, temporarily, as they continue to seek out a permanent location. Ash Lawn not being an ideal venue, the 2012 fair will be brought back to its agricultural roots—just three days long, daylight hours only, focusing on livestock, contests, and entertainment, with no rides and less vendors.

Organizers of the event had to cancel the annual event last year, since their long-time borrowed location of Bundoran Farm had been turned into a vineyard. (A small, brief, purely agricultural event was held at a private farm, so that all the 4-H kids would be able to show and auction the livestock they’d been raising for the occasion.) It’s a shame that the Biscuit Run land swap wasn’t able to include some land to establish permanent fairgrounds.

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