3 thoughts on “Media General in Debt Trouble”

  1. Well, that’s interesting: the linked article suggests that Media General might sell off some of their properties. Like maybe the Daily Progress.

    What if the Progress were to become an independent, muckraking, controversy-facing, INTERESTING daily, full of local content?

    It could happen!

  2. @ Hawkins Dale

    That sure does pique curiousity – don’t it! Yep it sure could suggest that… yet, I would not be too gung-ho to hold any breath over such happening. Although, it sure would be just the ticket the Progress might (in very private upper star-chamber circles)grab as an excuse, for a way to split its embedded partenership with C’ville Tommorrow.

    Just saying….. not that it would ever happen. No, not here!

  3. Fortunately that paywall on the Daily Progress web site will generate incredible revenue. :/

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