Council Agrees to 50-Year Water Supply Plan

City Council has OKd the fifty-year water-supply plan, Graham Moomaw writes for the Daily Progress, which means that the new dam at Ragged Mountain Reservoir is going to happen. Though they voted for a dam a year ago, rather than dredging, it remained to sort out the funding and to fit it into the long-term water plan, and that’s what culminated in this evening’s 3-2 vote. Councilors Dave Norris and Dede Smith voted against it, and Mayor Satyendra Huja, Kathy Galvin, and Kristin Szakos voted for it. Construction should begin in the spring.

3 thoughts on “Council Agrees to 50-Year Water Supply Plan”

  1. Councilor Dede Smith gives a very interesting account on Jan. 18, 2012 when interviewed on the Coy Barefoot show. The link points to the podcast. It shows just how ridiculous city government behaves. Now I no why people call Huja, Galvin and Szakos the “Three Stooges.” They ought to be ashamed and resign from office.

  2. When I moved to the area in 2005 it was a “50 Year” water supply plan. Now it should be a 43 year water supply plan since 7 years have passed.

  3. But consumption is down so the volume allowance is now expected to last 60 years. The City really did itself in. Its water facillities can last it well over sixty years yet it is helping to pay for the new capacity that the county needs. It is sad that only two of the five Councilors can understand this. Huja, Galvin and Szakos should resign for reasons of incompetence.

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