Overhaul Afoot for Shoppers World?

The Shoppers World shopping center on 29N is better known as “the Whole Foods shopping center.” Or at least it was—now it’s “the shopping center where Whole Foods used to be.” After losing their anchor tenant, things have been looking rough for the aging complex. Ragazzi’s closed down in anticipation of reopening farther up 29, and Super Shoes is gone, apparently to reopen in Seminole Square. Lisa Provence explains in The Hook that the fact that China King’s lease was non-renewed is an indication that the Maryland owners of Shoppers World may be planning an overhaul just as soon as they clear out some more space. Like Albemarle Square, Shoppers World has been hollowed out by the glut of commercial real estate on 29N, and they’ll have to do something different if they want to pull out of their shopping center death spiral.

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