Huja Selected as Mayor

The new City Council unanimously selected Satyendra Huja as the new mayor, Graham Moomaw writes in today’s Daily Progress. Newly elected councilors Kathy Galvin and Dede Smith also joined in the unanimous vote to name Kristin Szakos the vice mayor. Huja replaces Dave Norris as major, who had served in the position for the past four years. Our strong city manager form of government means that the mayor has relatively little power—he can set the agenda for and preside over meetings, but the position is largely ceremonial.

7 thoughts on “Huja Selected as Mayor”

  1. I believe the vote for mayor has always been unanimous in Charlottesville in recent decades because of one party dominance.

  2. If Huja signs the water cost share agreement he will have done more harm to the citizens of Charlottesville than any other Mayor in Charlottesville’s history.

    Who would agree to give away millions of dollars of assets for less water than we have now ? Who would agree to abandon South Fork Reservoir for water supply and make water ratepayers fund minimal dredging for recreation and lakeside property owners ? Who would sign an agreement that forces citizens to pay Albemarle County Service Authority if city residents exceed their allotment of water ( for water rights they once owned but will be forfeited in the new agreement) ?
    Who would agree to make this pre-penalty allotment for less water than the new study ( funded by city residents ) says we will need ?

    Apparently that person who will agree to this injustice to those who elected him is Mr. Huja.

    He voted to destroy McIntire Park, he voted to destroy Ragged Mt. Natural Area and now he is about to vote to destroy South Fork Rivanna Reservoir as water supply.

    What a legacy

    The new councilor, Dede Smith did her best to defend the citizens with her questions on Monday night and I appreciate her efforts, but as she says in this podcast the City, under Mr. Huja’s leadership is about to give away their house to the county and charge their citizens to do it.

  3. And so, the new Democrat Duma
    Elected an interesting Poobah.
    He’s wearing a turban,
    And looks very urban;
    The Mayor is Satyendra Huja.

  4. OK, someone needs to post a nice haiku or sonnet. Not as funny as a limerick, of course, but I’m craving some diversity.

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