5 thoughts on “BOS Approves Bidding Out Crozet Library”

  1. Watch out here – they may decide to build it and then bail out of actually running the new branch. From the Progress article:

    Even if the tax rate is bumped to the equalized rate, the county will be able to afford to build the Crozet Library, but will fall $200,000 short on its operating costs. Foley also said the VRS revelations also mean adding EMS service to Pantops will be much more difficult.

    Board members Ann H. Mallek and Duane Snow said they supported finding alternate ways of funding the library’s operating cost, including moving some of the burden from the county to the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library system itself.

    Where does the BOS think the operating money comes from now? It’s the five jurisdictions that provide the funding (Albemarle County being one of them) and the Regional Agreement sets this down in stone.

  2. Waldo, you should be more optimistic. Look at other infrastructure projects they’ve tackled over the years…

    hmmm, yeah.

  3. The county should not be spending money, it does not have, building a non-essential building just to placate the residents of Crozet.

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