County Portion of Parkway Opening in January

VDOT expects to have the Albemarle portion of the Meadowcreek Parkway open in a month’s time, Aaron Richardson writes for the Daily Progress. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ask the Virginia Department of Transportation to open the county’s completed chunk of the road, and City Council doesn’t oppose that, though they want some minor improvements made at the road’s beginning and end.

3 thoughts on “County Portion of Parkway Opening in January”

  1. The Albemarle portion is open,
    While Charlottesville’s Council is gropin’
    Around in the dark; they
    Delay the new Parkway,
    While Charlottesville’s drivers keep hopin’.

  2. An article about the Parkway is up for ten days and there is no spittle flecked invective bestrewn hither and yon by those that absolutely know what is right for everyone else?

    Dang cville, you’re slipping. What happened? You used to be cool.

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