Record Profits at UVA Hospital

The University of Virginia Hospital’s profit increased 52% last year over the prior year, Ted Strong reports for the Daily Progress, a record high of $180.4M. They credit the income to shorter per-patient stays (6.19 days reduced to 5.93 days, on average) and more people needing their services.

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  • builditandtheywillwhine

    lower patient stays equals higher income?
    I would have thought the opposite would be true

  • Insurance companies pay a lump sum for an admission. They have a expected number of days that the patient will be in the hospital associated for the reason of admission. If you can treat and discharge the patient in less time than what the diagnosis and length of stay calls for, then your profit increases. So the longer the patient stays, the less potential for making money.

  • In other words, its not the insurance companies pushing people out but the hospitals?

  • Not necessarily pushing people out, just ensuring that they are fit for discharge within the allowed length of stay. What’s probably the case is that fewer patients are staying *longer* than the allowed length of stay rather than that more patients are being discharged early.

  • Also, shorter length of stay means the patient did not experience complications that made him/her have to stay longer.

  • @jmcnamera, I would say its a combo. Some of what Someone stated and some of its the insurance co. sets some pretty tight standards of care.

  • I enjoyed these comments and learned something thanks

  • Most people like being discharged from the hospital and being treated at home.

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