Ken Boyd Running for Reelection

Ken Boyd is running for a third term on the Board of Supervisors, he announced today. Boyd represents the Rivanna District, which is basically comprised of northeast Albemarle. His announcement comes as a bit of surprise, since it was one year ago that he told Will Goldsmith: “I’ve all but come to the conclusion that this is going to be my last term on the Board of Supervisors.” The “all but” is enough wiggle room for some mind-changing, apparently.

This announcement helps to explain Boyd’s bizarre support of a Tea Party talking point, calling for an end to Albemarle’s reduction in pollution emissions, declaring that the county has been “infiltrated” by agents of the United Nations, and that this “cancer” must be removed from county government. Boyd hasn’t historically been prone to conspiracy theories, and presumably is talking this up to establish his bona fides with the far right, whether to avoid a primary challenge or just to get their support.

4 thoughts on “Ken Boyd Running for Reelection”

  1. Ken Boyd is the “cancer” that must be removed from county government. He only represents freaky right-wingers and his wealthy business overlords. He doesn’t give a flip about the citizens. Boyd is a reactionary and doesn’t do his homework before meetings. Why should he? He’s only interested in any issue insofar as it impacts his handlers. He’s also one of the most close-minded, unpleasant, and disingenuous politicians I’ve ever dealt with, and that’s saying something. Unfortunately, a certain percentage of county voters seem to like that sort of thing.

  2. Boyd appears to be running an Obama style campain where he blames the city for everything wrong in the county. His traffic solutions have all been dumped on the city while he and the other supervisors take off the table real solutions like an eastern connector or the western bypass. He made it very clear that he values comunities like Dunlora more than McIntire Park. Now he wants the water treatment facility to go on another city park.

  3. Webster52 sees that man clearly and Fed Up clearly defines Ken Boyd’s handlers.

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