Kluge Vineyards’ Goal: “Most Visited Place in America”

From The Daily Beast’s interview with Patricia Kluge:

Rumors had swirled that the widow of her ex-husband, billionaire John Kluge, would buy the land, that a neighbor would take it over and destroy the vines, or another would plow up the Arnold Palmer golf course. But that is in the past. Now, “Donald [Trump] plans to open it to the public and make it the most amazing experience in the world. Hopefully it will be the most visited place in America.” A Disneyland, I ask? “Good lord,” she responds with horror, “nothing that vulgar.”


She is especially thrilled that she had her husband have been asked to stay on to oversee the wines, which have been served at the White House and at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. “We were monumentally relevant to the world of wine,” states Kluge. “Not just nationally, but internationally. London, Paris you name it. Donald has saved all that, now we are coming back, and we’re coming back with a vengeance.”

(Emphasis mine.)

For comparison, the nation’s most-visited place is Times Square, with 37.6M visitors annually. This woman is delusional. Like I said: this will end badly.

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