Kluge Vineyards’ Goal: “Most Visited Place in America”

From The Daily Beast’s interview with Patricia Kluge:

Rumors had swirled that the widow of her ex-husband, billionaire John Kluge, would buy the land, that a neighbor would take it over and destroy the vines, or another would plow up the Arnold Palmer golf course. But that is in the past. Now, “Donald [Trump] plans to open it to the public and make it the most amazing experience in the world. Hopefully it will be the most visited place in America.” A Disneyland, I ask? “Good lord,” she responds with horror, “nothing that vulgar.”


She is especially thrilled that she had her husband have been asked to stay on to oversee the wines, which have been served at the White House and at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. “We were monumentally relevant to the world of wine,” states Kluge. “Not just nationally, but internationally. London, Paris you name it. Donald has saved all that, now we are coming back, and we’re coming back with a vengeance.”

(Emphasis mine.)

For comparison, the nation’s most-visited place is Times Square, with 37.6M visitors annually. This woman is delusional. Like I said: this will end badly.

13 thoughts on “Kluge Vineyards’ Goal: “Most Visited Place in America””

  1. Right. And she was going to take “Fuel” national, but cannot even sell the old gas station to date.

    Totally delusional.

    Must have thought that showing the Ta-ta’s and getting hitched to a rich guy makes her smart.

  2. Fuel was pretty awesome for a while there. She ran it into the ground, too.

    Jocelyn, I’m going to hold you entirely responsible if and when the reality show premiers.

  3. Donald’s too busy managing an investigation of Obabma’s birth place; he had to put someone in charge.

  4. “The most amazing experience in the world.”


    I just want to point out that all of these people are basically just pissing away fortunes that other people built. Trump included. This guy is the best case that I have ever seen for massive inheritance taxes on fortunes of over $10M.

  5. Jack, couldn’t agree more. How many times is it that Trump or one of his companies has filed for bankruptcy? And what’s the deal with the support he’s getting in Republican presidential poll numbers?

  6. This is simply an attempt to drive down the price of Albemarle House on Trump’s part. Kluge is most likely an unwitting stooge. Ironic since she may be personally responsible for whatever balance is left on the BofA loan after the sale of the property. The timing of this, coming a day after her former home went back on the market for $16M speaks for itself. Who would buy it for that with Kluge still running around pretending this is all part of her grand scheme to conquer the global wine market. Or some such nonsense.

  7. This whole thing will make several dozen lawyers insanely rich, and leave several hundred acres in ruins. This is where reality TV got its creative start – rich people throwing money at each other, and then suing each other. Halsey Minor times ten.

  8. I’m not surprised they were left in charge. I’d heard this comment on NBC29’s piece right after Trump bought it:
    “We’re pleased that Mr. Trump wants to keep the winery and continue to make high-quality wines,” Moses said, adding that the winery was a labor of love for the couple. “Patricia has known him for 20 or 25 years, and we’re very interested in talking with him.”

    They’re friends, of course he wouldn’t kick them out.


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