Gyms’ YMCA Lawsuit Dismissed

A judge has tossed out a lawsuit challenging the planned Young Men’s Christian Association facility in McIntire Park, Jim Hanchett reports for CBS-19. ACAC, Gold’s Gym, and Total Performance Sports & Fitness filed a suit against the city and the county back in May, alleging that the YMCA was given an unfair advantage, because the municipalities didn’t give any of the other three gyms the chance to bid on the project. Note that the lawsuit that has been dismissed is the one against the county—the one against the city is pending. Unfortunately, Hanchett doesn’t explain the grounds on which the case was dismissed.

One thought on “Gyms’ YMCA Lawsuit Dismissed”

  1. I think the fitness business group has a fair point about being allowed to bid on the project. Unfortunately that’s never before stopped the city when they got it into their heads to do something (One example- arbitrarily earmarking certain parcels of city land for “Habitat for Humanity” and using 3rd parties when necessary to facilitate the transfers. Caveat- I’ve got nothing against Habitat they’re a fine organization).

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