9 thoughts on “Urination Illegal”

  1. They passed laws at that meeting that do a lot more than that. If anyone has a link to an article that actually explains, in detail, what these new areas are where firearms cannot be discharged then I would appreciate it.

  2. the article in the progress says the setback from the highway was increased to 100 ft from the former limit

  3. oh boy, did I ever.
    so many of the bars downtown have tiny inaccessible bathrooms that often have 10-person lines waiting outside while whomever’s inside is fixing their hair or doing a line of coke or passing a gallstone or whatever the hell else might take 10mins in a bathroom.
    So I had a whole secret network of darkened corners around the mall where I used to urinate discreetly, unobtrusively, and quickly. I am a ninja of peeing in public.

  4. A real Ninja stitches a tube into his pant leg so he never has to leave his seat at the bar.

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