4 thoughts on “Ranks of Unemployed Climbing”

  1. My VEC taxes have gone up 400% in 18 months. My Litter tax has gone up 250% in two years. I can list other tax increases I am sitting on, despite being one of those under 250K middle class people who were told their taxes would not go up. And I remain extremely nervous about the impact of the health care on my business.

    Meanwhile, I am shedding stocks with gains to get this years capital gains tax rates instead of the increases. I’m doing some tax gain selling, rolling the losses forward to the higher tax period coming. It’s a good return on investment, a $1,500 payment against today’s rate on a $10,000 gain is better than a $2,000 payment on a $10,000 gain next year. Essentially paying $1,500 to return $2,000 a year later, a $500 profit of 33% of $1,500. In fact, if you roll the loss forward until 2013 when the Obamacare medical 3.8% surtax is on, then the difference is $1,500 to $2,380 over 3 years is an annualized rate of return of 16.5%. And those tax savings are not taxable income mind you. Essentially good corporations are sitting on flat stocks for this reason.

    Sooo…those would be my examples of reasons jobs are sitting stagnant and the economy is remaining flat.

  2. I heard several employer say on NPR the other day that they’re going to wait until they learn more about how much new employees are going to cost them before they add peopl. None spoke on the subject of the newly proposed tax credits for hiring.

  3. Sure the “none” did, they said they were going to wait until they found out how much the new hires would actually cost them.

    You dont actually think small biz owners believe the current administration is looking out for them do you? Do you think they believe anything that is said?

    If you do, review my first post.

    Me= under 250K. Promised no new or increased taxes.
    Me= under 250K. Actually paying significantly more taxes.

    Sooooo….Obama is what….?

  4. I don’t think anybody goes to Washington except to spend money on their friends, family and investments.

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