Maurice Jones Shooting to be City Manager

Maurice Jones is shooting to be the city manager, Rachana Dixit writes in the Progress today. He became acting city manager when Gary O’Connell stepped down in April. Before that he was assistant city manager. Jones is perhaps best known for his time as a sportscaster for NBC-29 in the mid-nineties and, after that, serving as the city spokesman. An outside search firm is trying to find a replacement for O’Connell; Jones has not yet formally applied, but intends to shortly.

As this process unfolds, keep in mind that Charlottesville has a strong city manager form of government. The city manager is in charge of the city—basically a mid-sized business—the equivalent of mayor in many other cities.

10 thoughts on “Maurice Jones Shooting to be City Manager”

  1. Evaluators will be looking at education and administrative experience, as well as local knowledge and ability to interact successfully with staff.

    City Manager is a job that involves overcoming new obstacles, meeting new challenges, attracting top talent.

    One hopes we have many well-qualified applicants with tracks records to compare.

  2. Charlottesville is in a pretty sad state when a position such as this can’t be filled quickly using straightforward nepotism.

  3. Gary O’Connell succeeded Cole Hendrix. That does not mean Maurice Jones should succeed O’Connell.
    New blood would probably be good. Certainly seemed to work with Police Dept, although took two tries. Wolford didn’t cut it but Longo has.
    Of course the real change needs to come with City Council, sweep out that inbred clique of party hacks and cronies.

  4. A bachelor’s degree and 7 years experience working in city hall. Plus a cult of personality.

  5. Not sure if that qualifies for the jump to running a 100 million dollar biz with hundreds of employees…

    BIg jump from keeping the seat warm.

  6. Nepotism. A single word explanation as to how the new city manager will be selected. Jeff uphoff you are absolutely brilliant and insightfull.

  7. Wait a minute, I agree Gary treated M.J. like the son he never had, but nepotism doesn’t apply by pure definition of the word.

  8. I disagree a little bit. I went to that link and actually, to me, it looks like they wrote it just for him. The most notable thing being “a master’s degree is highly desirable.” That should be a “must” in my opinion.

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