5 thoughts on “Whales Ahoy”

  1. Well, shut my mouth and call me Ishmael, that’s great news.

    I just hope they’re a little sturdier than the last one.

  2. I’m glad he’s leaving the wood exposed to show the grain. I think the biggest mistake was made when he covered that gorgeous wood with black paint. It looked so good in its natural grain.

  3. three times the ugly. no more public art please!

    Oh come on! At least it’s not abstract art like a lot of the other pieces.

  4. it would be a stretch to call it art. illustration maybe? really it’s just a bad dorm room poster come to life. why does new public art in this town have to be so bad. we were off to a pretty good start with what we had before art in place. i’d much rather see one decent work of public art added than a plethora of badly sited, amateurish dreck like art in place has given us.

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