14 thoughts on “Homeless Man Beaten Near Mall”

  1. Wow, that’s a horribly vicious crime for the world class city. These perps need to caught fast.

  2. Among the conclusions one should not jump to:

    1. He tried to rob someone who got the better of him;

    2. He was an aggressive beggar who got in someone’s face;

    3. He was an innocent victim.

  3. I think this is fallout from all the anti-panhandling sentiment being stirred up by Downtown area businesses, city council, and the area media.

    I blame them for this man’s beating.

    My guess is that some people are unable to differentiate homeless with “Pan-handler.”

    And even if he was an “aggressive beggar who got in someones face” what was done to him was absolutely unjustifiable.

    My guess is that the perp would be a younger conservative white male (probably a tea bagger) with some association to the University, or who is a transplant to the area (either of which would equate with “affluent”).

    Either that or it’s those roving gang’s of black youth who in prior years beat up on affluent white people patronizing downtown mall businesses late at night, and with the clout to demand media attention. Maybe they just decided to go for an easier target.

  4. Mr. Kartheizer approached my daughters and I in a local downtown market a few weeks ago. He had picked two flowers and was sharing the beauty of those flowers with people he met. He was very excited about finding the tropical blooms. He shared with us that he has children. Our prayers are with him that he can recover from this senseless attack.

  5. I pray for Robert’s recovery and hope that whomever has destroyed this man’s life will be captured! I personally have dealt with Robert on numerous occasions as a volunteer at the Haven and I’m appalled at the lack of respect the homeless are shown. The homeless are an over looked part of our population that are consistently judged without any substance behind the accusations. Take a day out of you’re life and visit with the less fortunate and you will see that their just like you and I with circumstances sometimes out of their control. Robert was a victim of a senseless act of violence. I hope this violent attack will open the naive’s eyes to look around and lend a hand where need be.

  6. I’ll bet a dollar this attack is connected to the previoius similar assaults which spurred suggestions of installing security cameras on the Mall. Not sure if the cameras were installed but probably because of all the media coverage that the attacks were getting they stopped. Those attacks were blamed on “gangs” of young men if my memory serves me. WHoever they are they need to be caught and prosecuted to the fullest.

  7. Robert is a friend of mine from long ago. He is a beautiful wonderful person who only ever wanted to share the beauty in the world, with those around him. For this he has been shunned by many.

    I have not spoken to him for many years and do not know how he ended up homeless (I used to go spend time at his house in the mountains of Virginia). But, I do know that I pray for him every day. The only question I really have is why? Whoever did this… you’ll get yours someway, somehow.

  8. Thank you for all your kind words. Those of you who know Bobby, know he is a beautiful soul, whose genetics betrayed him. When I was much younger, my car was totaled. Bobby and his wife lent me the money to buy another car, and I was able to pay them back. Bobby told me he never expected to be repaid. He gave the money to me freely, without expecting anything in return. That touched my heart deeply. He probably gave the money to someone else who needed it after that. He used to say that being a loving person is a daily journey. I wish the people who beat him, knew the man they hurt. They could learn something from him, in spite of his challenges. I do not understand how any truly human person, could kick a man when he is down, or worse yet, homeless and asleep. God help them to forgive themselves, when they finally have a long hard look in the mirror, and see themselves as the monsters they have become…so sad. Bobby would forgive them…that is Bobby’s heart.

  9. Well looks like another beating possibly this weekend? If in fact it is true then where is the News Coverage? World Class City for whom?

  10. I’ve known him almost all of my life. I know him as Bobby, my uncles of the same age called him that. He is a family friend that they grew up with as youths in McHenry, Illinois. Every now and then, he would stroll into town with his Motorcycle and his lttle dog that responded to Spanish Commands. Yes, the dog actually toured around the country with him on his motorcycle with the Antlers mounted to the front. He was more of a traveling free spirit that picked up odd jobs here and there. He helped hundreds of people get their homes built in return for food, lodging, and good conversation. Then he would travel to the next kind soul to help more. He has collected thousands of friends in many countries, and traveled many coasts. Bobby is more of a hippie than a homeless person. He has battled with his demons, but has always remained a kind friendly person. So sad to see something like this happen to him. Hope he gets well.

  11. Friend of Bobby,

    would you be willing to contact me? I’m a reporter in his hometown.


  12. I’ve known Bobby (or Berto as he later went by) for probably 25 years. He was a free spirit, a sweet and kind person who always wanted to help others. He was also an alcoholic, and in the past few years that seemed to drive his life, which was very sad, but he hadn’t lost himself, and he was still a very generous and helpful person, very open and, as commented upon above, very mindful of the beauty around him.

    No one deserves this to happen to them, and least of all, someone who was kind and generous–he was the kind of person who becomes sweet and sentimental when tipsy. He probably said a kind word to the wrong person. I heard today that he’s been taken off of life support. That is very sad news indeed.

  13. I saw Bobby last Friday night, off the ventilator, breathing on his own!:) It’s a mistake to prematurely give up on a Kartheiser. They are each born with more heart, and more spirit than five people combined. Whatever happens will be right for Bobby, in His time.

  14. It was horrible. He was really injured. Investigations by police will hopefully find the devils. I say devils because Hell is gonna be waiting. This from a non Christian. I pray they get their just rewards. If Not I pray they jump me, cause Hell will feel like a picnic when I am done with them. What goes comes back.

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