Edwards Resigning from School Board

In what is presumably a coincidence, on the same day that Brian Wheeler announced his resignation from the Albemarle School Board, Alvin Edwards announced that he’s resigning from the Charlottesville School Board, Rachana Dixit writes in the Daily Progress. That resignation is effective at the end of October. The former mayor cited only personal reasons. Dixit did the math, and points out that Edwards has missed a great many board meetings in the last few years—one third of them since January 2008—and even disappeared without explanation for two months early last year. Edwards was elected in 2007, and his seat is up for reelection in November of next year. His term will be completed by whomever is appointed by the board.

6 thoughts on “Edwards Resigning from School Board”

  1. Seem to recall he had the same issue of missing a lot of meetings when he was on City Council, and as Mayor.

  2. It’s not a coincidence Edwards and Wheeler resigned the same day. It was the first day they could resign and not have an election by the voters. Now they can have the school boards appoint their successors.

    Why trust the voters when you can get somone hand picked on board?

  3. Do resigning School Board members in the city and county vote on their appointed successors? They shouldn’t. That’s a clear conflict of interest. (I recall that Lou Bograd did not vote for Charlie Kollmansperger’s appointment to the city school board–but Lou had already moved out of town.)

    Edwards should not vote for his successor. If he can legally do so, the rule should be changed and he should announce that he will abstain.

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