Campaign Signs Sprouting Up Illegally

Several congressional campaigns are placing signs in the public right of way, Brian McNeill writes in today’s Daily Progress, and at least one has no intention of stopping. Of the seven candidates vying for the Republican nomination to challenge Tom Perriello, four of them have been placing signs by the roadside illegally over the last week or two: Michael McPadden, Jim McKelvey, Feda Kidd Morton, and Laurence Verga.

This sort of thing is common in elections, generally a result of young, overzealous given a pickup full of signs and insufficient instruction. McNeill got quotes from two of the campaigns. McPadden says that one volunteer had put signs up illegally but is remedying that. But, amazingly, McKelvey’s campaign manager says that they’re simply not going to follow the law. The campaign of Ken Boyd—another candidate in the race—is crying foul, since by following the law, they’re left at a disadvantage. Seven Six losing campaigns are going to find themselves without staff or volunteers on Wednesday, after the nominee is chosen on the 8th, meaning that it’ll likely be up to VDOT to remove the signs, which is to say that we taxpayers will be funding their removal and disposal.

Who wants to vote for a candidate who thinks they’re above the law?

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