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Where Can I Find Healthful Food?

Wright's Dairy-Rite
Lunch at Wright’s Dairy-Rite, in Staunton. Not healthful. But…damn. That’s good eatin’.

I’ll be moving in a few weeks (only a quarter mile, but moving is moving) and that means a few days during which it won’t be practical to do any cooking. I’m looking for some healthy restaurant options for lunch and dinner. Part of what makes restaurant food delicious is that it’s slathered in butter, loaded with salt, etc. Can you suggest any better options for eating out?

Whole Foods’ prepared foods seem to be pretty good. Bodo’s is always a great option, between their bagels, soups, and salads. Sticks is spot-on, with their lean meat, veggies, rice, and simple sauces. What other places am I missing?

City, County Officials Meet About Collaboration

Members of the BoS, City Council, Albemarle School Board, and Charlottesville School Board all got together today, Brandon Shulleeta writes in the Daily Progress, all to talk about how to merge some services and save money. Though one might imagine that such meetings happen regularly, they don’t—this sort of collaboration just doesn’t normally take place between all of these entity. They’ve agreed to break into a bunch of small groups over the next year and come up with some ideas before they all get together again, so that they could move faster than all trying to work together as a big group. The immediate goal is short-term savings, after which they’ll move onto figuring out long-term savings, assuming that this all goes forward as planned. The meeting was called by Delegate David Toscano, whose district includes the city and a good chunk of Albemarle surrounding the city.

S’ville Council Candidates Support Legalizing Weed

Most Scottsville Town Council candidates think marijuana should be legal in the town, Brandon Shulleeta writes for the Progress. That includes one incumbent running for reelection, Bebe Williams. Not merely legal for medical purposes, but straight-up legal, treated like alcohol. In Virginia, marijuana has long been legal to treat cancer and glaucoma—legal to prescribe, and legal to possess—but there is no legal method of producing or procuring it. Localities are not authorized to legalize marijuana, so Scottsville is actually powerless to do anything—that is, they could pass such a law, but it wouldn’t actually accomplish anything. Note that Scottsville is a town—the only one in Albemarle County—so they actually get to pass laws, maintain their own budget, a police force, etc.

Scottsville is becoming a hip little town, so even if this legalization is in name only, this could goose their reputation in a way that might do them some good.

Cyclist Killed; Investigation Begins

Details are still coming out in the story of a cyclist killed after being hit by a truck yesterday morning. The Cavalier Daily first reported that the victim is UVA grad student Matthew Steven King The portion of the story that is clear right now is that the accident took place just after 9:00 AM, at the corner of Fourth and Main (across from the market); that King was wearing a helmet; and that the vehicle that hit him was a Charlottesville Public Works truck. One version of the story have the truck making a right-hand turn and colliding with King, while another has King riding on the sidewalk and veering out into the street in front of the truck. (And those are both from CBS-19, who does not appear to have tried to reconcile these two claims.) Police were investigating the scene and conducting an investigation today, in order to reconstruct the accident.

Any sort of accident involving a cyclist and a car inevitably results in recrimination and finger-pointing, with cycling advocates blaming drivers for behaving recklessly around bikes, and opponents of cycling claiming that all bicyclists are dangerous law-breakers. In the past 36 hours, this incident has proven to be no different, with news stories on the topic receiving hundreds of comments, most of which ignore the death of King and focus instead on speculating on what happened and whether, broadly speaking, cyclists or drivers are to blame.

David Brown Won’t Seek a Third Term

City Councilor David Brown won’t seek a third term on council, the Progress reports. He mentioned that at a council work session last night, and later confirmed it to the paper. The Democrat, a chiropractor, served as mayor during his time on council. His seat is up in November of next year, along with Holly Edwards’ and Satyendra Huja, both of whom are freshmen.



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