S’ville Council Candidates Support Legalizing Weed

Most Scottsville Town Council candidates think marijuana should be legal in the town, Brandon Shulleeta writes for the Progress. That includes one incumbent running for reelection, Bebe Williams. Not merely legal for medical purposes, but straight-up legal, treated like alcohol. In Virginia, marijuana has long been legal to treat cancer and glaucoma—legal to prescribe, and legal to possess—but there is no legal method of producing or procuring it. Localities are not authorized to legalize marijuana, so Scottsville is actually powerless to do anything—that is, they could pass such a law, but it wouldn’t actually accomplish anything. Note that Scottsville is a town—the only one in Albemarle County—so they actually get to pass laws, maintain their own budget, a police force, etc.

Scottsville is becoming a hip little town, so even if this legalization is in name only, this could goose their reputation in a way that might do them some good.

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