City, County Officials Meet About Collaboration

Members of the BoS, City Council, Albemarle School Board, and Charlottesville School Board all got together today, Brandon Shulleeta writes in the Daily Progress, all to talk about how to merge some services and save money. Though one might imagine that such meetings happen regularly, they don’t—this sort of collaboration just doesn’t normally take place between all of these entity. They’ve agreed to break into a bunch of small groups over the next year and come up with some ideas before they all get together again, so that they could move faster than all trying to work together as a big group. The immediate goal is short-term savings, after which they’ll move onto figuring out long-term savings, assuming that this all goes forward as planned. The meeting was called by Delegate David Toscano, whose district includes the city and a good chunk of Albemarle surrounding the city.

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