3 thoughts on “Plan 9 Closes Third Location”

  1. About six months ago I found a gift certificate to plan 9 that was 7 years old. It had been in a tight orbit around a black hole underneath the passenger seat in my old car.

    I went to the 29 North location (perhaps the only one?) and they took it without question. The problem was finding a CD, as their stock was a bit low.

    So the CD Player can’t be far behind in that silicon poison path to the landfill.

  2. Plan 9 used to be really good. But for some time it has been on the decline.It was the best place we have ever had for buying folk, acoustic,traditional type music. Not any more. Their selection has really declined and they don’t seem to get much in in the way of new stock.
    And the store in Albemarle Square is a dark,dreary pit. I have actually seen crushed cigarette butts on the floor, so none too clean either. And the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
    Its decline seemed to start when it tried to do a bit of everything, like sell movies as well as music.
    Yes,downloading music has hurt CD sales. But Plan 9 has other shortcomings.
    I really miss Sam Goody/Suncoast. I built almost all of my DVD collection from there. They had a great selection, not just new stuff, buts lots of old movies and TV shows cheap. And the staff were super-friendly and helpful.
    Nowadays when I want a CD or DVD, most often I go to Amazon. Super selection and good prices, especially if you check out the independent vendors who sell through there.

  3. Plan 9 will be closed everywhere soon enough. Like the other said, the CD selection is terrible. Target has more selection now – though both have hardly anything in classical.

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