2 thoughts on “Li’l Henry Goes to Haiti”

  1. From the perspective of 55 years evaluating Charlottesville’s news feeds, I’m deeply impressed by this stroke by Channel 29. It’s news coverage unequalled in my time here, almost certainly unequalled ever in this town.

    In the past there were stories in the Daily Progress written by local people who accompanied groups to foreign soil, but they were members of the group that went, not newspaper staffers, and the coverage showed it.

    Imagined if 29 News had been there when area Mennonites went to Costa Rica to scout out the potential for a new promised land. That was a series with national award potential, as in Pulitzer, but the Prog didn’t care to send a reporter.

    Only sports reporters ever crossed the state line.

    Thanks, 29 News, for raising the level of local news professionalism to an all-time high here.

    We’re all familiar with the revolving door of low-paid new reporters hired by local newsrooms who move on to better jobs when they learn their trade. That’s the curse of nearly every small market.

    But with this stroke, 29 News showed there are ways a small market can play up there with the big boys. Kudos.

  2. I’m with you, Hildy. This sort of thing was commonplace 60, 80 years ago, although for slightly larger markets—the Times Dispatch, for instance. Now the foreign desks are being shut down for all of the major outlets, and non-national outlets rarely send anybody outside of their own market. This is quite a throwback.

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