They’re Gonna Need a Sherpa

I love Megan Lovett’s photo of lab-coated grad students scaling “Mt. Chipotle”; too bad it’s not available larger online.  #

4 Responses to “They’re Gonna Need a Sherpa”

  • danpi says:

    ON a different note. It seems that about 6 young men, apparently UVa boys were sledding, naked, on Washington Park Hill at midnight. Cop pulled in, hit his lights and they all scattered, leaving their clothing behind.

    Cops says that no high speed chases were mounted.

    I said usually boys do this type of thing to impress the ladies, although one might suspect that the cold might leave the girls less than overwhelmed!

  • Waldo,

    I included a larger version of the photo in the article.

    Thanks for the mention.

  • James says:

    according to the late night Kinko’s staff, the slope in question is actually entitled “Mount Barracks,” although clearly we’re talking about the same big-ass pile of snow. I remember driving past it in early January and chuckling when I saw someone had planted an American flag on top (presumably in jest)

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