2 thoughts on “Get What’s Not Coming to You”

  1. Wow! Mocking someone in print known for suing people who abuse him. Is that guts? Stupidity? A cry for help?

    With no news peg, it’s plain and simple ridicule.

    Where did Cville get the idea public figures are punching bags to mock if you feel like it? If the weekly gets away with this unsued, they will be damn lucky.

  2. Well, yes, Mr. Belli, you’re correct: they are ridiculing Mr. Minor. I believe that Mr. Minor is worthy of ridicule for the damage he’s done to the Downtown Mall, and for his litigiousness. I thought it was pretty funny.

    Plus I don’t think you’re actually Melvin Belli, the famous King of Torts. So if you’re not careful somebody might mock YOU. (Apologies if that’s your real name, or if you are, in fact, the famous attorney, although I think that’d make you dead.)

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