Rappahannock News Goes Local

The Rappahannock News has been sold by its conglomerate parent to a guy who will edit and publish it, the reverse of the trend for some years. We’ll talk about this some at Tuesday’s forum.  #

1 Response to “Rappahannock News Goes Local”

  • Good news for Rappahannock. Now if the same thing can happen with the Daily Progress…
    Wouldnt it be great if our daily could become a locally-owned and community based paper again(like in the days of the Lindsay family-or even the Worrells,they did have some community ties)?
    Lots of folks around here with money-will they step up to the plate?
    If people have faith that a small community like Rappahannock can support a local publication, why not a city with the resources of Charlottesville?

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