10 thoughts on “It was a Murder-Free 2009”

  1. Okay what’s the point linking to a facebook page? It’s not like writing in a blog. I’m sure he’s a nice fella and all that, but I don’t want to “friend” the mayor on Facebook. And if you’re going to link to something he said- shouldn’t it be something that is freely accessible?

    @Shawn Regen-

    I suppose if they find that blonde white girl’s body well then yeah, it could still be in question.

  2. It’s not my fault that the sole source for this is a Facebook status update. I could a) not credit him b) credit him but not link or c) credit him and link. A would be useless (“How do you know?”) B would be nearly as useless (“When and where did he say that?”), leaving option C. But, hey, I’m open to suggestions.

  3. Or D) Not write the story.

    I agree with the not linking to a facebook page. I got directed there and just closed the tab.

    Regan brings up an interesting point though.

    If the girl’s body is eventually found, does that statistic go on 2009 or 2010?

  4. She still might not have been murdered within the City limits which would still make the statement true.

  5. Didn’t think about that!
    Surely a twisting of the stats but technically right I guess.
    So that statement doesn’t include Albemarle County I guess (which is where the majority of people live around here)?
    He should amend that to say, There were no Murders in the City Limits of C’ville in 2009!

  6. Or D) Not write the story.

    While that is an option, it’s not one that I’d consider for a story like this. Unfortunately, the lack of an event is not news in the sense that a story gets written about it anywhere. The lack of an event can sometimes be very interesting, warranting attention, and I think this is a good example. Although it’s possible that a weekly will mention this, there’s really nothing to say beyond a paragraph, so the mayor’s Facebook update may well be the only source for this.

  7. Jeff, saying that there were no murders in Charlottesville is the same as saying there were no limits within the *city limits* of Charlottesville. The latter is implicit in the former statement.

  8. Is Karen Waters of QCC taking credit for this on Facebook? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Charlottesville-QCC-Quality-Community-Council/173228068612?ref=ts
    “Charlottesville QCC-Quality Community Council When we began our Marches for Peace in 2008, we were at five murders, and ended the year with SEVEN homicides. After a year of prayers, meetings, and marches chanting CEASE THE SILENCE—STOP THE VIOLENCE in our neighborhoods, in 2009 there were ZERO. Join us and our sponsors from Clark Elementary School’s PTO this Frid…ay night at 8:30 pm for a March for Peace at 8:30 pm, weather permitting.See More
    January 5 at 2:50pm”

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