Minor Earthquake in Nelson County

There was a 2.7 earthquake in Nelson County, just north of Appomattox at 5:24 this evening. The epicenter was here:

Nobody should have felt it in the Charlottesville area. (And hardly anybody in Nelson.) Earthquakes in the 2.0-2.9 range are so weak that they’re generally not even felt. We have earthquakes in the area every couple of years. The last one that I recall was in December 2003; before that, in September 2001 (which justifiably scared the hell out of everybody).

One thought on “Minor Earthquake in Nelson County”

  1. in 1981 there was a minor earthquake in alexandria virginia, at the time i lived om the 5th floor of a high-rise apartment building it was about 11 am i did feel the building sway twice, did not think much about it then heard this minor earth quake was detected. Do you think it had any effect one the wild life around the C’ville area. Did you hear about that gray fox they killed back in August for bitting a Whahoo? And the never talk about what’s up with those white miniture goats you see wondering around the UVA campus

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