At around 4:02pm, several people in downtown Charlottesville reported an earthquake. It lasted roughly thirty seconds, and a couple of people reported that it seemed stronger than our last two earthquakes, the 09/22/01 and 05/05/03 events. Phones are reporting that all circuits are busy, firetrucks are on the go. Keep an eye on the USGS Earthquake site for confirmation and details, and read the comments for reports from individuals. 4:30pm Update: The USGS lists this at a 4.5, having taken place at 3:59pm, been three miles underground and showing it centered near Columbia, VA (near Fork Union), like our last quake. 4:35pm Update: It was felt from Manassas to Petersburg, and perhaps even as far as Lynchburg. 5:20pm Update: The AP is reporting that this was also felt in Maryland, DC, and North Carolina. No damage or injuries have been reported.

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