Whom Do You Endorse?

There are all sorts of elections on Tuesday. Statewide, we’ve got the governor’s race (Democrat Creigh Deeds vs. Republican Bob McDonnell), the lieutenant governor’s race (Republican Bill Bolling vs. Democrat Jody Wagner), and attorney general (Democrat Steve Shannon vs. Republican Ken Cuccinelli). There are also a pair of House of Delegates seats up for reelection for whom there are viable challengers: Republican Steve Landes vs. Democrat Greg Marrow and Democrat Cynthia Neff vs. Republican Rob Bell. In the county there are two Board of Supervisors races: Democrat David Slutzky vs. Republican Rodney Thomas in the Rio district, and Republican Duane Snow vs. Democrat Madison Cummings vs. independent John Lowry in Samuel Miller. In the city there are two City Council seats up for reelection, with four candidates on the ballot: Democrats Dave Norris and Kristin Szakos and independents Bob Fenwick and Paul Long. Also in the city is a sheriff’s race between independent Paul Best and Democrat James E. Brown.

The polls are open from 6 AM until 7 PM. If you don’t know where to vote, check here:

The Daily Progress has made their endorsements, generally endorsing the most conservative candidates on the ticket: McDonnell, Cuccinelli, Bell, Lowry, Toscano, Norris, and Williams (a write-in). The only surprise was their selection of Slutzky over Thomas. They had nothing negative to say about Thomas, but praised the Democrat, saying that “[i]t is rare to find someone so willing to try new approaches at the risk of public misunderstanding and disapproval.”

But now you can have your say. Who are you voting for and, more important, why? Try to convince people to support your candidate. You’ve got the opportunity to sway some votes here.

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