Whom Do You Endorse?

There are all sorts of elections on Tuesday. Statewide, we’ve got the governor’s race (Democrat Creigh Deeds vs. Republican Bob McDonnell), the lieutenant governor’s race (Republican Bill Bolling vs. Democrat Jody Wagner), and attorney general (Democrat Steve Shannon vs. Republican Ken Cuccinelli). There are also a pair of House of Delegates seats up for reelection for whom there are viable challengers: Republican Steve Landes vs. Democrat Greg Marrow and Democrat Cynthia Neff vs. Republican Rob Bell. In the county there are two Board of Supervisors races: Democrat David Slutzky vs. Republican Rodney Thomas in the Rio district, and Republican Duane Snow vs. Democrat Madison Cummings vs. independent John Lowry in Samuel Miller. In the city there are two City Council seats up for reelection, with four candidates on the ballot: Democrats Dave Norris and Kristin Szakos and independents Bob Fenwick and Paul Long. Also in the city is a sheriff’s race between independent Paul Best and Democrat James E. Brown.

The polls are open from 6 AM until 7 PM. If you don’t know where to vote, check here:

The Daily Progress has made their endorsements, generally endorsing the most conservative candidates on the ticket: McDonnell, Cuccinelli, Bell, Lowry, Toscano, Norris, and Williams (a write-in). The only surprise was their selection of Slutzky over Thomas. They had nothing negative to say about Thomas, but praised the Democrat, saying that “[i]t is rare to find someone so willing to try new approaches at the risk of public misunderstanding and disapproval.”

But now you can have your say. Who are you voting for and, more important, why? Try to convince people to support your candidate. You’ve got the opportunity to sway some votes here.

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  1. I’ve got to agree with the Progress’ logic on Slutzky. The guy is smart. He’s innovative. He’s willing to toss out really ballsy ideas, just to get people talking about and looking at things from a new angle, to get people to rethink the fundamentals. That’s awfully valuable. I’m not sure that I’ve especially liked all of those ideas, but he’s launched some important and necessary discussions about how and why we do things the way we do in county government.

  2. Given the strong reasoning above for Slutzky, does the same argument carry for Fenwick?

    Like him or hate him, he’s shown more creativity, energy, and cleverness in an office seeker than Charlottesville has seen in our lifetime.

    He even has creative cartoons on his website. Unless Dobbsy missed something, we haven’t seen cartoons in a local contest since Lindsay Dorrier ran for his second term as county prosecutor in the 1980s. Charles Peale turned out two gems for Dorrier’s brochure.

    It was also Peale who did the 1982 Annexation Monster cartoon that helped the city and county adopt Revenue Sharing.


    Fenton is the one responsible for all those misleading signs popping up everywhere to save Mc’park. And he’s not afraid to bring up the drinking water issue that other city candidates fear to touch.

    I disagree with him on the parkway, but his competence at lighting a fire under the issue is impressive.

    Does he appeal to anyone here enough to vote for him? If so, enough to single shot?

  3. In the order you presented above (my candidates):

    McDonnell (sorry, Creigh), Wagner, Shannon, Bell, Snow, Toscano, Norris, Fenwick, Thomas.

  4. I don’t plan on voting tomorrow. I like to think I did my part in knocking an unqualified candidate out of the running. That’s all I needed to keep me happy this year.

  5. As a voter in the Jack Jouett District, I will vote for the Dem ticket except for Neff.

    I often disagree with Bell (being essentially a tax and spend liberal type)but I am truly grateful for the work he did on Mental Health reform after the VT shooting. In the voting booth, I am a Hokie parent first. Neff offends me when she says that Bell has given too much time to anti-crime measures. Does she not get it that those of us who had connections to VT(many, many individuals in this district) needed to know that work was being done to try to prevent such a future tragedy? Also,less importantly, her letter to the DP defending the inappropriate “cheating husband” metaphor in her roses ad indicated a lack of understanding about where she lives now.

  6. I endose David Slutzky. Like Waldo found the Daily Progress surprisingly correct in it’s analysis. He throws out ideas that are valuable to the public debate, and that cause other leaders to rethink what the real issues are. For example, while I sincerely doubt we’ll require easements for Land Use, his point is valid that the majority is subsidizing a minority of often wealthy people with little guarentee on their investment. I’m sure revalidation of Land Use would have never happened had he not been on the BOS (and revalidation has so far shown that 15%, or more, were not compliant with the program.)Likewise with his TDR proposal. His specific approach may not be implemented, but I can almost promise that some kind of TDR program will happen if he is reelected.

    David has also been one of the strongest supporters on the BOS for protecting the rural area and it’s natural systems. Make no mistake. If Rodney Thomas wins, then Albemarle’s rural areas and natural resources will pay the price. After all, Hollymeade “Town Center” happened under his watch…

    As for Fred C. Dobbs comment, I don’t think the comparison to Fenwick is accurate. Slutzky really demonstrates understanding of the nuances of complex policy decisions. He’s also willing to compromise when it’s necessary to acheive progress. Fenwick’s approach is that of a bull in a china shop. Some people might think that’s exactly what City Council needs, but Rob Schilling has left us a rather good example of how that approach doesn’t work. Elected leaders have to represent everyone, and sometimes they have to sacrifice their pet issues for the larger good and compromise with those with whom they disagree. I just can’t see Fenwick being willing to do the necessary amount of negotiating and compromise necessary to actually get anything done.

    In the Samual Miller District, I endorse Madison Cummings. While honestly, I’m disappointed that we didn’t get a more progressive candidate, I think Cummings will represent the district well and the other candidates may represent a step backwards.

  7. I’m voting Democratic across the board. Mainly because I listen to a lot of conservative talk radio and the B.S. they’ve been spewing the last few months has been more egregious than usual.

    So it will be my small (probably pointless) gesture of smackdown to the Republicans.

  8. I will be voting for Rodney Thomas because he at least try to cut spending before raising taxes. He nearly got the DP endorsement. I don’t understand why Slutzky got such a plug for coming up with ideas that go nowhere. I think some of Slutzky idea are more pander than for progress.

  9. Where is all the love for Kristin Szakos?? She has so many qualifications, like…well,,,uhmm give me a minute…. damn, well she is a friend of Dave Norris’, that should be enough

  10. In the local election, I’m voting Norris/Szakos. Norris for obvious reasons. Szakos because she’s smart and willing to judge each issue on its individual merits. She’s a good combination of believing in the common good, and respecting individuality– whether that manifests as individual people, ideas, neighborhoods, whatever. She stands on her own two feet, but doesn’t need to resort to name calling or divide and conquer tactics to get her way. I don’t agree with her views on every single issue, but do agree on plenty, and I feel confident she would be a great councilor.

    The fact that some of her detractors have been using bully behavior against her, yet she hasn’t stooped to their level, makes me admire her even more.

  11. I am voting for Fenwick for CC, and will vote for myself (write-in) with my other vote for CC. Governor’s race strictly GOP.

  12. Fenwick, single shot!

    Too many years of too many people voting a straight Democratic ticket while trusting other people behind the scenes to select good candidates has put us in a dire situation in too many ways.

    I want someone with real experience tackling real world problems to be my representative for a change. I think Fenwick is by far the best of our choices when it comes selecting a person who can make informed decisions regarding what to do about our water supply. That project will have such a huge impact on the future of this area that I would vote for Fenwick on that issue alone, but his stances on RSWA,RWSA, and the Meadowcreek Parkway are right on the money for me too.

    This would be a very different City in a few years if we had him and Kleeman on Council. I’m still hoping Kleeman will be back next time around. If Fenwick wins, maybe he’ll be inspired to try again.

  13. VoR, I meant to ask re: Norris. Obvious Reasons? Pray tell, what are they? He’s nice?

  14. The statewide Dem ticket hesitantly, Cynthia Neff and David Slutzky wholeheartedly. I’ve been let down by the statewides generally (with the exception largely of Jody Wagner, who I think has been running a pretty creative and smart campaign and making some good points). Aside from that, I’m voting for Creigh and Steve largely because McDonnell and Cooch scare the bejesus out of me.

    On a more local note, I’ve been impressed by Cynthia Neff’s pragmatism, her well thought-out and complex policy, her experience, and her drive and determination.

    On an even more local note, David Slutzky is easily the most qualified of the two candidates running for the Rio seat. He’s incredibly intelligent, hard-working, and if he loses, I’ll be not only upset with the results of the election but with the system itself – it’s a shame we sometimes live in a world where political soundbites trump truth, honesty, complexity, and thoroughness in debate.

  15. Boss of me: He’s incredibly intelligent, has vision, and the ability to see the big picture. Listens better than any other Councilor I’ve ever seen. Has had some great ideas and actually follows through on them. Pays more than lip service to the issues of the underrepresented,. Doesn’t run from controversial issues (like water supply, MCP). He’s not shifty, or a backstabber. When he’s wrong about something, he admits it. He doesn’t hide from his constituents. That works for me.

  16. Wonder if Gail was surprised today when she didn’t have the Bell/Neff ballot? Jack Jouett district is in the 57th (Toscano) and not the 58th district.

  17. urban ring, that is funny.

    I hope the candidates take down all their road sign trash along 29 tomorrow morning. Deeds is particularly conspicuous with all the garbage signs his workers have scattered at the 29/Hydraulic intersection.

    If VDOT and Cville can quickly fine these people, maybe we can reduce taxes :-)

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